MEEN 360:  Materials and Manufacturing Selection in Design

This is a junior level undergraduate course emphasizing selection of materials and manufacturing processes in design.  Topics covered include mechanical properties, strain hardening and annealing, solidification, solid solutions and phase equilibrium, dispersion strengthening, phase transformations, heat treatments, phase diagrams, steel, nonferrous alloys, ceramics, and polymers.  MEEN 361 is offered as a complementary lab associated with this course.

MEEN 475:  Materials in Design

This is a senior level undergraduate course emphasizing the heuristics of synthesis of material properties, configuration, and processing in the optimization of material selection in the design process.  Topics covered include material indices, materials selection, materials processing, processing selection, hybrid materials, materials and the environment, and industrial design.

MEEN 467/625: Mechanical Behavior of Materials

This is a senior level undergraduate course stacked with a graduate course covering the fundamentals of flow and fracture in metals, emphasizing safe design by anticipating response of materials to complex stress and environmental service conditions; micromechanisms of flow, fatigue, creep and fracture; and fracture mechanics approach to design. Special emphasis is given to microstructure-mechanical property relationships and damage tolerant design.